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March 21st, 2022 by

You depend on your vehicle just about every day. You need something that performs well and can get you from place to place safely in any weather condition. Staying on top of service and maintenance is vital. If you neglect taking care of issues, you could face expensive repairs and serious car problems. Reed-Lallier Chevy is the right place to have your car checked if you’re from the Fayetteville, NC, area. You can browse our service specials and get your car in good shape without breaking your budget. 


Oil Change

Perhaps no service occurs more frequently than an oil change. This service is crucial because it helps keep the engine clean. It will run more efficiently and smoothly when there is fresh oil to lubricate the parts and components. Changing the oil will remove dirt, sludge, and other debris from the engine. It will also improve the gas mileage of your vehicle. If your car is older, you should take advantage of oil change service specials every 3,000 miles at Reed-Lallier Chevy. Newer cars can go 5,000 or 6,000 miles in between changes. 


New Tires

Your tires will take a beating and suffer plenty of wear and tear over time. Quality tires can last up to 60,000 miles or more. Still, you will eventually need to replace them as the treads wear down. At Reed-Lallier Chevy, you can visit with the service team and discuss whether it’s time for new tires. Service specials for a new set can save you money and ensure that you get the tires your vehicle needs most. 


Brake Check and Replacement

You never want to drive on a bad set of brakes. This can affect your vehicle and, more importantly, become a serious safety issue. When you search for service specials, make sure you include your brakes. The team at Reed-Lallier Chevy can inspect the brakes and the pad levels to see how worn they are. The technicians may recommend getting new pads or might even say it’s time to replace the rotors or calipers. Driving with new brakes will give you peace of mind. 


Tire Rotations and Balancing

Tires should last for at least a few years, depending on how much you drive. But this doesn’t mean you can neglect regular maintenance. Rotating and balancing the tires are both critical service specials to explore. Rotating the tires every 6,000 miles or so will help prevent uneven, premature wearing. This ensures that the tires will last longer and perform well. Balancing the tires will reduce vibrations and faster wear. Look for specials on these services today at Reed-Lallier Chevy. 


Battery Check

You don’t want to find yourself stranded, unable to start your car. A healthy battery can prevent these issues. For service specials, make sure you get a battery check. Technicians can test whether it’s time to replace the battery. They can also remove any corrosion from the terminals. 


Be diligent about maintaining your car. These service specials are available at Reed-Lallier Chevy in Fayetteville, NC. Come down today and get your car in tip-top shape. 

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