You’ll Have a Lot to do in Fuquay, NC

The area of Fuquay, NC is located near Raleigh and Durham to be a place that might not offer you much at all other than what the big cities have for you, except the fact that Fuquay is a place that does have a lot for you to enjoy.  Whether you love nature, want to enjoy some craft brews, or let your kids have some fun splashing and playing at a park, there’s a lot for you to have the fun you’re looking for in your hometown of Fuquay, NC.

Here are a few of the fun things you can enjoy when you’re in Fuquay, NC:

Breweries – The Fuquay, NC area is home to at least three microbreweries to make sure you can have a place to go to check out some of the different ways that beers are made at these locations.  Whether you visit Aviator Brewery, Draft Line Brewing, or Fainting Goat Brewing Company, you’re sure to find a lot of fun and the incredible style that you want to enjoy when you’re ready to experience what a craft beer is and how it’s created.

Splash Pad – If you’re ready to get out of the heat of the summer sun, head to Splash Pad in Fuquay, NC and let this be the place where you cool off.  Make sure you bring your bathing suit because you’re going to get wet and you’ll certainly have an experience that will not only cool you off but make you feel refreshed for the day.  The kids can have a lot of fun at this park and enjoy what it has to offer and it may become your favorite summer place to play and take the kids on the weekend.

Fuquay Mineral Spring Park – Let the natural wonder of this area show you what you can admire and enjoy with the mineral springs that run through the park to give you the fresh and elemental water you’ll surely love in Fuquay, NC.  Take a ride to this park and enjoy the serenity of the natural surroundings offered and then let the sounds and fresh feeling of the springs give you the feeling you want to enjoy to feel peaceful and refreshed throughout the day.  This is a location that’s said to have healing powers and one visit will make you realize it’s hard to argue with that thought.

Carroll Howard Johnson Environmental Park – Everything in this park has been made of recycled or refurbished items to make it a part that’s truly friendly to the environment.  Take the kids to this park in Fuquay, NC and let them have a look at what a park that has no carbon footprint on the world can be.  This park shows off exactly how you can experience the fun and admire the fact the items offered have been reused, recycled, and refurbished to live a new life in a great place.

Museums of Fuquay-Varina – Several small museums line the area of Fuquay, NC to offer an educational experience with a look back at the history of the area.  These museums each offer their own personality and feeling to them so that you can experience the theme and become immersed in different times in the history of the area to get the idea of what life was like in times that came before you arrived.  Check out these museums and take a walking tour or a driving on to admire what they have for you to enjoy in this historic small town.

Bostic & Wilson Antiques – Are you looking for a rare find that can be something special to spruce up your Fuquay, NC home? If so, this antique shop is where you’re sure to find the items you’ve been looking for so that you can enjoy the purchase of a rare item that will become the conversation piece or show a nod to giving an item a new life.  Stop by and take a look around at what’s offered and bring home that special piece that you’re sure to keep for a long time and may pass down as your own antique.

Wine Bars – Much like having a place to enjoy craft beers, the Fuquay, NC area is home to some amazing local wines and you’ll find the elegance and the crowd you’re searching for at the wine bars around the town.  Visit several of them and see what different wines are offered for you to taste, purchase, and admire.  Each of the wine bars has its own personality and makes it easy for you to find a variety of places where you can enjoy what wine means to you and have some fun with your friends or with your family.

It’s time to Drive

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