What You’ll Find in Laurinburg, NC

What You’ll Find in Laurinburg, NC

If you’re looking for a great place to live that offers you easy access to many areas around you, Laurinburg, NC is where you can easily choose.  This city is the county seat of Scotland County, which is on the border of South Carolina.  This small city is located in such a way that you can easily reach Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Charleston when you want to head to a large city for the entertainment and busy feeling offered before heading back to your quiet and serene home.

Not only is Laurinburg, NC centrally located to allow you to drive to these areas, its home to Saint Andrews University and the Laurinburg Institute to offer advanced learning opportunities for those who want to increase their education and knowledge.  Both of these schools have been known for their exceptional educational opportunities and the fact they offer a variety of programs that have been recognized by employers in the Laurinburg area to make it possible for those who attend school in the area to find employment as well and begin to build a life after graduating from one of these two fine institutions.

the area of Laurinburg, NC began to be settled around 1785 and the area was originally named for the prominent McLaurins family.  By 1840, there was a saloon, a store, and a few shacks in the area as growth seemed to be slow for the Laurinburg area.  There was private high school established by 1852 and eventually the line of the Wilmington, Charlotte, and Rutherford Railroad was built through Laurinburg in the 1850s, which spurned the growth in the area to bring more people in who wanted to have a quiet place to live and have the ability to serve those who had settled in the area previously.

Even though Laurinburg, NC was considered to be a quiet place in the area, the railroad depot that was located in this town, along with the shops attached to it, were burned to the ground during the Civil War to prevent the southern armies from being able to use the railroad as a means of transporting goods and materials from the coast to the soldiers located inland.  The train depot was eventually rebuilt after the war, as were many other buildings as the growth in the area continued for Laurinburg.

Several famous and influential people have made Laurinburg, NC their home and have hailed from this area including country music star Bucky Covington.  Others that have come from this small town near the central area of North Carolina include Lonriza Harrington of the NBA, Terry Sanford who was Governor of North Carolina and a US Senator, Hillee Taylor of the NFL, Russ Adams of the MLB, Woody Shaw who was a famous jazz trumpeter, and PGA golfer Leonard Thompson.  There have been several famous people from the Laurinburg area who have taken advantage of the opportunities they’ve had in the area.

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Where are you driving?

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