The Small Town of Carthage, NC is a Wonderful Place to Be

The Small Town of Carthage, NC is a Wonderful Place to Be

The small town of Carthage, NC is home to a population of fewer than 2,500 people, even though it is the county seat of Moore County.  This little town is located in a quiet area of North Carolina that you’ll enjoy just outside of the foothills of the Smokey Mountains and it can be the right place for you to live when you want a quiet place to raise a family and town where you’ll get to know everyone that lives in your area.  Make your way to Carthage and see what this town has to offer you.

While you might find the slower small town life right for your daily living and raising a family, there are times when you want to experience more activity and have fun exploring a city or taking it an event.  That’s easy for you to experience from Carthage, NC which is only a short drive from Fayetteville and a bit of a farther ride from Raleigh to the northeast and Charlotte to the west.  This small town is also central to some of the universities in the area to make it easy for you to send your kids to school and be able to visit them on a regular basis.

Getting out of town for the weekend is pretty easy when you live in Carthage, NC as well.  The beaches of the coastal towns of Wilmington and Topsail are easy to get to and if you want to enjoy a truly resort experience, cross the state lines and check out what Myrtle Beach has to offer.  Going west, you’ll be able to reach Pigeon Forge in Tennessee with an easy drive if you want to enjoy the mountains and a resort area at elevation that’s right for you to admire.

Carthage Has a History

The town of Carthage, NC was home to the Tyson Buggy Company in the late 1800s.  This company was primarily a manufacturer of carts and buggies that were used for the transportation in the area for many people.  There’s a story that when the company closed, Henry Ford was interested in buying the old plant to convert it into a car assembly line.  The owner refused to sell the plant to Ford, which led to the creation of the Ford Motor Company in Detroit instead of in Carthage, NC.

Another common story that’s shared in the sleepy small town of Carthage, NC is that it was originally chosen as the location for the site of the University of North Carolina.  Considering the central area of this town, that’s not too surprising, but the story states that city leaders didn’t want the university built in their town and told the state legislators that the town was on too steep a hill to allow a train to climb up and access to the school would be extremely limited if it was built in this town which would cause problems for the school.

Neither of these two legends has any real truth to them.  Henry Ford hailed from Detroit and that’s where he started the Ford Motor Company, and the locomotive wasn’t invented until two decades after the University of North Carolina was built in Chapel Hill.  This little town does have an annual spring event called the Buggy Festival.  This is a festival to show off the history of the town and it features music, hot rods, old tractors, and old buggies that were built by the Tyson Buggy Company before the automobiles that were sold and used as the primary form of transportation.

The Right Place to Find the Vehicle You Want to Drive

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Fun After the Purchase

While you can certainly head out to a variety of entertainment locations after you’ve made your purchase at Reed-Lallier Chevrolet in Fayetteville, NC, you’ll find a ton of excellent things to do in Carthage, NC as well.  Check out the different parks in the area that offer you walking paths, picnic tables, footbridges and some historical markers.  This is just one more way this little town offers you the charm and enjoyment you want to have when you make this the right place to live.  With a location that’s central to everything you want, you need to let Carthage, NC be the home you’re sure to love.