Take a Look at what Clinton, NC has for You

Take a Look at what Clinton, NC has for You

The city of Clinton, NC is the county seat of Sampson County and is named for the Revolutionary War General of the same name.  While the city is small in population, it’s an amazing place to build a life for anyone looking for a quiet and enjoyable area near the coast that can be a wonderful small town to raise a family.  The area of Clinton has been settled for many years and it has been a place of interest for those who want to have easy access to Raleigh and to Fayetteville in North Carolina for many years.

The first European settlers came to the Clinton area around 1740 to begin to settle and make a home in the area.  This was originally called Clinton Courthouse because there was another town in Matthews County which carried the name, Clinton.  That town folded in 1822 which is when the Town of Clinton, NC was incorporated.  As the geographic center of the county, Clinton quickly became the seat of a county that’s made up mostly of rural farmlands which allowed it to maintain its quiet personality which continues to live today.

There was once a minor league baseball team that was part of the Tobacco State League from 1946-1950 and was the last minor league stop of the Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Van Lingle Mungo, but otherwise, Clinton, NC remains a gorgeous and peaceful area in Samson County where you could live and raise a family, knowing the lifestyle is fairly quiet and easy for you to experience on a daily basis.  For entertainment, you could find yourself in Raleigh on the weekends, although Clinton and the surrounding towns do have several festivals throughout the year that you can enjoy and take advantage of.

There have been a number of famous people who have called Clinton home including NFL football players such as Sam Aiken, Leonard Henry, Jerris McPhail, Dennis Owens, and Willie Parker, MLB baseball players Rube Benton and Van Lingle Mungo, and several notable political and military leaders including Lauch Faircloth, Gwendolyn Faison, Theophilus H. Holmes, and William Rufus DeVane King.  These folks have had an impact on the world in different ways and have hailed from or made Clinton, NC their home at some point in their lives to know what this quiet and easy to enjoy small town has to offer.

Living in Clinton, NC puts you in close proximity to Raleigh, and Fayetteville to the west where you’ll find many things to do and one of the most famous Army bases in the entire world.  To the east, you’ll have access to the beaches of coastal North Carolina, which are some of the most visited on the eastern seaboard, but also some of the quietest when you want to have a great place to take the kids to enjoy the ocean, some amazing fishing, and the fun in the sun that can be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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How do you celebrate?

After making the right decision and choosing the vehicle that will offer you the driving experience you want for many years, how are you going to celebrate?  On the way home to Clinton, NC you could choose to stop and have a great meal, take in a movie, or choose to head to a location with gardens and views that you don’t see every day.  You’ve got a new ride that you’ll enjoy in the Clinton area, it’s time to show it off and see what you can with your new ride on the road.

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