Take a Look at Lumberton, NC Today

Take a Look at Lumberton, NC Today

Many of the waterways of the country helped to build up and spurn settlements as early settlers to the country made use of these waterways as a means of travel and transporting of products.  Lumberton, NC is one of these settlements that have grown to be a city and the county seat of Robeson, County which is the largest county in North Carolina.  The Lumber River is the river that was used for many years as a shipping point for lumber used by the Navy as lumber was sent downriver to Georgetown, SC.

In addition to being an early settlement that grew into an excellent place for the production and shipping of lumber down the river named after the product, Lumberton, NC has grown to be a wonderful town where families can grow and enjoy a quality living experience.  If you’re looking for a small town with all the amenities you want, Lumberton, NC could be the right place for you to settle down and give you the place you want to make a home that you want to enjoy with a community that offers you the activities and the friendly aspects you’ve been looking for.

A Quiet History

Lumberton, NC has long been a location where many have come to relax and retire themselves from the troubles of their past.  The city was created in 1787 and incorporated in 1859 and was home to many families of different backgrounds in the early days of the city.  The local Native American tribe was the Lumbee who have become recognized as the official tribe of North Carolina.  For the most part, Lumberton has been a peaceful place where people have found a way to coexist and enjoy the quality of life offered.

For four years, the city of Lumberton, NC was home to a professional minor league baseball team as part of the Tobacco State League.  This team was known as the Lumberton Cubs and was affiliated with the MLB team with the same name from 1947-1950.  The Robeson County Health Department is recognized as the oldest rural health department in the country as it was established in 1912 and has its headquarters near the outskirts of Lumberton to serve the residents of Robeson County with the health issues they might face during their lives in the area.

One of the only issues faced in Lumberton, NC took place when the film Blue Velvet was being filmed and was supposedly set in the town of Lumberton even though it was being filmed in Wilmington, NC.  In order to gain the rights to use the name of Lumberton, David Lynch filed a small sequence of the film in Lumberton and then was allowed to use the name, leading to a quiet closing to a small problem.  Because Lumberton has been this peaceful over the years, it has also been certified as the first Retirement Community of North Carolina because it offers everything a person may want when they want to have a quiet retirement after years of service.

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Enjoy the new Purchase

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