Take a Look Around Fayetteville, NC

Take a Look Around Fayetteville, NC

The city of Fayetteville, NC is known mostly for being the city next to the Army Base of Fort Bragg, but there’s a lot more to this city than its military affiliation.  As a proud city that has been built up to offer a variety of amazing qualities to the military personnel and families in the area, Fayetteville has a rich history which makes it a great place to live and an excellent location to visit when you’re looking for something to do and enjoy around an area that offers the support of those who defend the freedoms we enjoy.

The early history of the Fayetteville, NC area shows that several Native American nations were in the area.  These included the Eno, Shakori, Waccamaw, Keyauwee, and Cape Fear people who were all part of the Sioux nations.  The early part of the 18th century brought English settlements to the area by way of the upper Cape Fear River which was the only waterway that could be navigated at the time.  There were originally tow inland settlements called Cross Creek and Campbellton which were both settled by the English and Scots at the time.

Leading into the Revolutionary War era, the Fayetteville, NC area was known as a lawless region with settlers that came through Wilmington by way of the Cape Fear River.  Many of the settlers in the area were loyal to the British Crown at the time and rallied the call to arms from the Royal Governor to support the Brits during the war.  These troops were eventually defeated by the larger Revolutionary force during the Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge which has become home to a nearby state park in the area and is certainly a battlefield you may want to visit when you travel near Fayetteville.

Continued Military Support

When you’re not familiar with Fort Bragg, you’ll be amazed at what this facility has to offer.  This Army base is in the northern part of the city of Fayetteville, NC and you can see units training on a regular basis when in the area.  This base is home to the Airborne units of the Army and the Special Operations Forces.  This facility is one of the most important bases in the US Military with training and headquarters for some of the most integral units throughout the history of the country.

During World War II, Fort Bragg was known to be a central post for the special forces of all branches of the military to converge and collaborate together.  This made it possible for Fayetteville, NC to flourish and be a location where many soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines to find entertainment and products they wanted to purchase and make use of.  Nearby Pope Field has been as important as Fort Bragg by offering the support needed to airlift armed forces where they need to go and was the location of several fighter jet squadrons as well during World War II.

Vehicles You’ll Want to Drive

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Celebrate the Right Way

Once you’ve chosen the right new vehicle for you with the deal that you know makes the drive more affordable, you’ll be able to celebrate your new purchase by heading out for dinner in Fayetteville, NC.  There are several incredible restaurants in the area to help offer you a meal you’ll enjoy with a smile on your face while your new ride sits outside where you can admire it with every mouthful of delicious food from any one of the many locations in the area.  This is an excellent way to celebrate this new purchase.

If a meal isn’t what’s on the menu for you to enjoy the new purchase, maybe the Airborne and Special Operations Museum is in store for you.  This museum is impressive and shows off the history of the military that’s been part of Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC for many years.  You’ll be able to admire what the 82nd Airborne was able to accomplish over its rich history.  Make your way to Reed-Lallier Chevrolet in Fayetteville, NC for the vehicle you want to drive and then tour the area and find the activities you want to enjoy as a way of celebrating your new purchase.