Several Activities Await You in Laurinburg, NC

Several Activities Await You in Laurinburg, NC

The small town of Laurinburg, NC is one that has become home to many people who want to enjoy a quieter life and experience the laid-back style of living that’s offered.  Even though this is a peaceful town that’s a nice place to raise a family, there’s still plenty to do to fill a weekend on a regular basis and have the experience you want to enjoy.  When you’re looking for something to do to entertain your family this weekend you might want to check out some of these places.

Here are some of the fun things you can enjoy in the Laurinburg, NC area:

John Blue House and Heritage Center – As one of the preeminent homes in the rural North Carolina area this is a place in the Laurinburg, NC area that offers you a rich history of the area.  This home is surrounded by a grove of pecan trees and the home is over a century old.  Admire the Steamboat Gothic architecture offered which was one of the styles that dominated the time when this home was built.  Over the years, this home has been kept and maintained perfectly to showcase its place in history.

Cypress Bend Vineyards – The area of Laurinburg, NC is home to a climate that’s perfect for growing the grapes that can make Muscadine wine to give you a wonderful flavor that you’re sure to love with your family and friends.  You can enjoy the wine you want to drink in an open and beautiful location that shows you the grounds of the vineyard.  Enjoy the tasting room, the retail space, and the fine cheeses that are offered to let you have a wonderful stop and a fine glass of delicious wine.

Lumber River – Take a canoe or kayak out on the Lumber River in the Laurinburg, NC area and have a great time exploring the banks and the scenes that are offered.  You can start at the Princess Ann and Chalk Banks access and enjoy hours of paddling along the river and through the Lumber River State Park to experience and appreciate the beauty of this river that’s listed as one of the Wild and Scenic rivers in the US that you should visit.  If you choose to paddle the River in the summer you can experience the Lumber River Day festival as well.

Scotland County Golf Club – While some will think of golfing in Laurinburg, NC as a fantastic walk that’s been ruined, if you love golf and want to enjoy one of the most attractive courses in the area, this is where you should go.  Another great location in the area to hit the links is Deercroft Golf Club where you’re sure to find the fun and scenic views you want to enjoy when you head out to chase the little white ball around many yards of the rolling hills of Scotland County during a quiet and fun round of golf.

Outback Motorsports Complex – Do you like to ride dirt bikes or have kids that enjoy the fun of riding around on the trails?  If so, this is the right place for you to go in Laurinburg, NC.  Take a drive out to the complex which offers you over 600 acres of land and several tracks to drive dirt bikes, ATVs, and four-wheelers to have a lot of fun during the ride.  This is a fun place for families to visit and offers the thrill of a huge adrenaline rush that you can have when you take to the track.

Rockingham Dragway – Another exceptional place for you to race and have a huge rush of fun and activity is at this dragstrip in Scotland County near Laurinburg, NC.  This track is open to all races in all types of vehicles to make it a fun and exciting place to take your daily ride when you want to see what it can do.  There are several concerts and shows that take place at this dragstrip throughout the year to let you have a fun and active place in the area you live where you can enjoy the fun and excitement offered.

Indian Museum of the Carolinas – This museum is dedicated to offering an education and the history of the Native American culture in the area.  Located near the John Blue House in Laurinburg, NC, this museum is home to several exhibits that tell about the Cherokee, Coharie, Tuscarora, Waccamaw-Siouan, Catawba, and Lumbee tribes that were located in the Carolinas for many years.  You’ll see artifacts from these different tribes, some of which dates back over 10,000 years to give you a better understanding of how long the different Native American tribes were part of the growth of this region.

You’ll Need a Ride

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Now that you have the right set of wheels, where are you going to go?  Is there a special place in the Laurinburg, NC area that you love to visit or will you choose one of the locations on this list?  Either way, you’ve found a fantastic deal and have the ability to enjoy the fun and amazing features offered in Laurinburg, NC with the vehicle you’re driving.  Celebrate your new purchase and experience everything your town has to offer as you drive around and explore what’s offered for you to have many weekends of fun with your family and friends.