Sanford, NC; The Small Town Built from the Railroads

Whether you live in the town of Sanford, NC or you know about the area and the fact this is a small town that’s located west of the Raleigh-Durham area and north of Fayetteville, you’re going to want to know more about it.  This little town is one that was formed because of the industry that passed through the area and is named after one of the main people involved in the development of this industry in the area.  Without him, the town of Sanford may have never been created.

Sanford, NC  is named for C. O. Sanford, a railroad civil engineer what was instrumental in the building of the rail lines through the area which eventually formed the foundation of what has become the city of Sanford.  Located in Lee County, which was formed from parts of the three surrounding counties in 1907, Sanford and Jonesboro were formed as the two major towns in the area.  At the time, the people of the area decided not to choose a county seat between these two towns and placed the courthouse directly between the two towns to create a uniquely located courthouse and the only one in the US with an RFD address.

The town of Sanford, NC, even though it wasn’t created until the early part of the 20th century, was home to many Revolutionary and Civil War veterans and locations such as the House in the Horseshow and Endor Iron Furnace are of historic significance.  This town has also been home to professional minor league baseball teams at different times.  The Sanford Spinners were part of the Class D Bi-State League from 1941-42 and then the Tobacco State League from 1946-50 and games were played at Temple Park in the local area.

Things to do in the Sanford Area

In the town of Sanford, NC, you’ll find the Railroad House Museum which is a wonderful tribute to the history of what took place to make this town begin to grow from the early days of the railroad passing through the area.  This is a fantastic place to learn as much as you can about the Sanford, NC area and what it has to offer you and how it began.  You’ll want to make a visit to this museum and see what created the area and how C. O. Sanford was influential in the creation of the town.

Other things you can enjoy doing in the Sanford, NC area is seeing a show at the Temple Theatre, where you’ll see some amazing plays put on by the local talent, you can listen to the Lee County Community Orchestra and the talented musicians that are part of this group, take in a show at the Heart of Carolinas Jazz Society where a special brand a music can entertain you, or head to the A&R Studios to see what they have to offer for some entertainment for the night.

There’s quite a bit to do in the Sanford, NC area so that can enjoy what’s offered, but if you want to do more and see more, you’ll have to get in your car and drive.  Nearby Fayetteville, NC offers you Fort Bragg and several museums to enjoy, Charlotte is a bit farther and has a full city of nightlife for your pleasure, and to the east, Raleigh brings you the benefits of the capital city and what you can enjoy when you’re looking for fun in a big city as a way to get away from the small town for a bit.

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Taking the Drive

Once you’ve found the right vehicle for your enjoyment in the Sanford, NC area, you’ll want to take that vehicle with you to the different destinations around you to have the ride you need and the fun you’re looking for.  The beaches of the coast are only a short drive away and so are the mountains to the west.  There’s a ton of excellent entertainment, nature, and historic options for you to choose from, some of which are located in Sanford, NC for you to have the experience you want and enjoy the lifestyle of the small town you love.