Roseboro, NC Could be the Perfect Location

Roseboro, NC Could be the Perfect Location

Where do you want to put down roots and raise your family?  If you’re looking to find a quiet place that allows you to have a peaceful life when you’re not at work, the small town of Roseboro, NC could be the right place for you.  This little town is only a short drive from Fayetteville, NC and is a place where a few of the soldiers from Fort Bragg call home and it can be the town that you feel comfortable calling home so that you can enjoy a quiet life.

Roseboro, NC is located in Sampson, County and is near Clinton to the east, Elizabethtown to the south, and Benson to the north.  You could commute from Roseboro to Raleigh or make the shorter drive to Fayetteville or the Army post of Fort Bragg to be the place you want to work and make a living.  This little town may be one that you don’t notice too much when you travel on the road, but it certainly has the open area of land around it to make this a fantastic place to become the right town for you to set your roots.

Because Roseboro, NC is located where it is, you can easily make a weekend journey to the beaches offered along the coastal towns of Wilmington, Topsail, and even head to the Outer Banks, or you can take a ride to the mountains to the west to explore caves, climb mountains, and see some gorgeous waterfalls.  When you’re looking for a great place to call home, Roseboro can be your home and it can allow you access to whatever you want to enjoy around North Carolina with everything being only a few hours away in every direction.

The Railroad Stop that Became Roseboro, NC

Many of the small towns around the country have grown from the railroad industry and the development of the lines that moved materials from one location to another.  Roseboro, NC is one of these towns and it was founded when the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railroad built a line that moves from Fayetteville to Wilmington.  This allowed Roseboro to join Stedmen, Autryville, Garland, and Kerr stations as some that sprang up and grew into towns along the line in the area to be a place where people would set roots and begin to live.

The railroad line that spurned Roseboro, NC was built in 1889-1890 and the town started from a tiny crossroads with one store that served the town and has grown to become a small town of over 1,500 residents in the area.  The name of the area has come from a pair of stories, but the research done showed that Roseboro was named after John M. Rose who was the secretary of the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railroad.  This town has grown since 1889 and was incorporated in 1891 with the first mayor being Almond Butler.

The oldest building that’s still in Roseboro, NC was constructed around 1897 by W.J. Fisher.  This building served as a doctor’s office in 1908 as well as a drug store.  In 1930, the home was the location of a barber shop and in 1950, a mortgage company moved in and made it the office they used.  By 1961, the building had become an accounting office and then an insurance agency.  Eventually, the building became a photography studio and then in 1990 it became the location of a rental company.  Certainly, this building has been used for several different reasons over the history of Roseboro.

You Certainly Need a Vehicle to Drive

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Driving the Right Way

Once you’ve chosen the model you want from Reed-Lallier Chevrolet in Fayetteville, NC, you can head home to Roseboro, NC to have the vehicle that can be your commuter car, give you the pleasure of the drive on the weekends, or carry the entire family wherever you want to go.  Let the accessibility of Raleigh and the surrounding area become what you want to experience when you have the right vehicle for you to enjoy the drive you’re looking for when you head into Raleigh to experience the fun of the area you live in.