New Chevy SUV Specials Wade, NC, Best Car Dealership

The Chevy Name You Admire is Back

The 2019 model year offers us a resurgence of a name that we’ve loved from Chevy in the past.  The new Chevy Blazer SUV is a midsize SUV that offers you room for five passengers and a variety of excellent qualities that make it the right choice for you to have the drive you’re looking for.  Ask about the specials offered on this SUV that you can drive on the roads around Wade, NC.  You’ll be glad to have this impressive SUV when it’s time for you to get out on the road for a great drive.

The Blazer Fills the Only Hole in the Chevy Lineup

When you see the team at Reed-Lallier Chevrolet, you’ll notice the new Chevy Blazer SUV fits nicely into the lineup for the brand.  This model is offered with a variety of pricing and financing specials to make it right for you to have a great drive on the roads in Wade, NC.  This new SUV is built on a platform that underpins some of the premium and luxury models from the GM family to make it easy for you to have an excellent SUV to drive.

The Look You Want is Found in the New Chevy Blazer SUV

One of the specials that’s part of this new SUV is the look you’ll find.  Inspired by the sports car that we love, the new Chevy Blazer SUV offers you the style you desire and the seating you need.  Take a walk around this SUV as you discuss the specials offered with the team at the dealership in Wade, NC.  You’re going to be amazed by what you find and how easy it is to make this SUV the right choice for your daily drive.

Enjoy the Tech Offered

Modern models on the road are expected to be offered with the technology we admire.  The new Chevy Blazer SUV brings you an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment screen that brings in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration for your enjoyment when you drive.  This SUV also offers you the benefits of the optional 360-degree camera system that can help you have the view you’re looking for when you’re ready to park or hook up a trailer.  Ask about the specials and enjoy this technology that can be great for you when you drive on the roads around Wade, NC.

The Right Choice for Your Drive

You want to have a midsize SUV to drive, but you only need five seats.  This means you need to choose the new Chevy Blazer SUV when you see the team at Reed-Lallier Chevrolet today.  Ask about the specials offered and let this SUV become the right one for you to have the drive you’re looking for on the roads near Wade, NC.  You’ll be amazed by how this SUV can perform for you and what it offers when you’re looking for a comfortable, impressive, and quality SUV with a name you know and love.