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Think Small When You Think of Chevrolet SUVs

Typically, if you think about an SUV that you can drive from the Chevrolet brand, your mind will likely picture the large size of the Tahoe or Suburban, possibly the family friendliness of the Traverse or the Equinox, but what you often don’t picture is the Chevrolet Trax.  With the desire for smaller SUVs, this should be the SUV that you think of when you want an active and enjoyable SUV to take out for a drive and enjoy on the roads and on the light trails in your area. 

The Right Power and Room from Chevrolet

If you choose the new Chevrolet Trax to be the subcompact SUV that you want to drive in Wade, NC, you’ll have more of what you desire than other models in this class.  In fact, the Trax is built with the option of AWD, which isn’t even an option at all on some of the competitors.  This means you’ll have the ability to take the gear you need for your outdoor adventures with you to the trailhead and drive with confidence on the gravel or dirt trails that lead the way.  This SUV also has the room you need to fit most of your gear inside while the rest can fit on racks that you can attach to the top of this SUV.  See the team at Reed-Lallier Chevrolet for this SUV today.

Rugged Toughness Makes the Trax a Bulldog on the Road

The ground clearance and wide stance of the Chevrolet Trax make it an SUV that has the same confident and tough look you would find in a bulldog that’s ready to take on the world.  Chevrolet has added wheel arch protection to the mix to make sure you can keep your ride in great shape when you do take it out on the trails and bump into a log or a rock along the way.

A Cabin with the Equipment You’re Looking For

Take a ride in the new Chevrolet Trax and you’ll have the benefits of the electronics you want to enjoy when you drive in Wade, NC.  Check out the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto programs that allow you to connect your smartphone.  This SUV also gives you the connectivity of the 4G LTE Wi-Fi system that will make access to the internet much easier for you.  You’ll be glad to have the ability to connect and enjoy the drive you want to experience when you’re ready to have an adventure in the wilderness.

Is the Chevrolet Trax the Right Choice for You?

It’s time for your mind to see the new Chevrolet Trax as the right SUV for your drive on the roads and the light trails near Wade, NC.  This SUV is small and active on the road to give you a great drive while being capable when you want to enjoy some outdoor adventures.  Check out the roominess and the performance offered when you visit your nearby Chevrolet dealership of Reed-Lallier Chevrolet to take a test drive in the Trax that will go home with you today.