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Save on Your New Car at this Dealer Today

Normally, we think of driving a new vehicle to cost a lot more than if you were to purchase a used model, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.  Right now, Reed-Lallier Chevrolet has several new car deals to offer you so that you can have the drive you want to enjoy near Fayetteville, NC.  When you see this dealership team, you’re going to find out that you can save a lot of money and help this team move more vehicles, creating a winning situation on both sides.

Remaining Inventory is Ready to Go

The 2018 model year and calendar year are both gone, but several of the 2018 models are still on the lot at this Chevy dealership.  Right now, if you choose to purchase a new 2018 Chevrolet Silverado, you can enjoy up to $13,000 off the MSRP to experience one of the most impressive new cars offered at this dealer you’ll find.  You can drive one of the most impressive and active trucks on the market today and have the price and tools you want with you near Fayetteville, NC to help you get the job done.

Huge Savings for You

Reed-Lallier Chevrolet has many 2018 models still on the lot.  Whether you want a Chevy Malibu, Tahoe, Silverado, or Equinox, you can find amazing discounts offered on these remaining new models that can be right for you to drive.  Get behind the wheel and take a test drive then check out the new car dealer offered for your drive near Fayetteville, NC.  To make the deal even better, this team is also offering the 20 year/ 200,000 mile limited powertrain warranty to give you the added protection you desire on your new ride.

Maybe a Lease is what You Want

If you want to lower your monthly payments and you know that you’re going to be back to choose a new model after only three to four years on the road, you should ask about the lease programs offered.  This team has a variety of new car dealer that make leasing the right choice for you and allow you to have the vehicle you want to drive on the roads near Fayetteville, NC.  Ask about these programs and start driving the new Chevrolet model that you want to enjoy today.

Help this Dealership Team

The team at Reed-Lallier Chevrolet needs to sell through the remaining 2018 model year inventory.  You can help them do this by buying one of these models.  Of course, you’ll receive one of the most incredible new cars from this dealer when you do this.  Take the short drive from your home near Fayetteville, NC and take a look at what this team has to offer for you to have the drive you desire.  You’ll be amazed by what you see at this location when you’re ready to head out on the road and have one of the best deals ever offered.