Low-Cost Entertainment in Laurinburg, NC

Whether you’re living alone or have a large family, entertainment can get expensive.  If you want to save money and still be able to enjoy some fun, you’ll want to find the free and affordable entertainment offered around the Laurinburg, NC area where you live.  Once you see how many things you can do that don’t cost much, you’ll make it a habit to go out and enjoy things that don’t break your budget or cost you anything at all to have the fun you want to enjoy on a regular basis.

Here are a few of the cheap and free things you can do in the Laurinburg, NC area:

Strikes Bowling Center – Bowling has been a family and social activity for many years and certainly allows you to enjoy a sport that’s fun while also partaking in food and drink the way you want.  It doesn’t cost much to head to this bowling center near Laurinburg, NC and you can sign up to join a league and build a team that has a lot of fun bowling together on a regular basis.  Take a look at what this bowling center has to offer you today.

Discovery Place Kids Rockingham – Do you have small children that need to be entertained?  If so, this is the place to take them.  Your kids will love the adventure and the fun offered with the hands-on learning experience that’s designed to be ideal for children from birth to age ten.  You can host a private party at Discovery Place or you can visit and tour on your own with your kids.  Either way, this is a great place to take your youngsters near Laurinburg, NC where they are sure to enjoy the displays offered.

Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve – If you love nature and want to experience some fantastic trails for hiking you’re going to love this nature preserve.  Weymouth Woods is near Laurinburg, NC and it offers you 900 acres of space and wilderness to experience what you want when it’s time to have an entertaining experience in nature.  Check out the trails and the museum that offers you a variety of interactive exhibits that you can certainly admire.  The hiking trails takes you through tall pine forests and swamplands to make sure you have the hike you want when you’re out in nature.

Sandhurst Park – When you want a seriously laid back recreation area to enjoy, this park is the place to go.  You’ll find four acres of open green space, water fountains, walking trails, and more at this park near Laurinburg, NC.  If your kids love playgrounds, this is the place to go.  There’s also a rock climbing wall, picnic facilities with grills and restrooms, and beautiful views.  Make this park a place you visit on a regular basis with your kids so they can have the fun they want and experience a great time outdoors whenever they want to play on the swings or climb a wall.

Luther Britt Park – Do you love to take a canoe or kayak out on the water?  Do you want to fish and see what you can catch?  This park near Laurinburg, NC offers you tow lakes and several ponds for swimming, paddle boating, canoeing, and fishing.  The trails around the lakes and ponds extend to the 142 acres of park in the area to make sure you can have a great time in the outdoors where you’re sure to have a wonderful time with your kids who love to play around the water.

Martin Park – Near Laurinburg, NC, this park is the perfect place to take your furry friend so they can run and play the way they want.  This is a large open dog park in a wooded area that offers several walking trails and open fields for the dogs to play.  There’s also a shallow creek that runs through the park to give your dog a great place to play if they love water and want to enjoy a drink or a frolic.  Bring your dog to Martin Park and let them have a lot of fun in the fields and around the water.

Shaw House – This is a historic home that was built in 1820 and still stands on its original foundation nearly 200 years later.  This home is located near Laurinburg, NC at the entrance to Southern Pines.  The interior of the home includes detailed hand-carved woodworks, fireplace mantles, early Moore County pottery, and pine furniture that you can admire.  Enjoy a historic tour of the home and understand more about what life was like in the area nearly two centuries ago.  This home stands as a reminder of what some of our ancestors endured during a time of growth and discovery.

Finding the Right Car to See These Areas

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