Lots of Fun in the Small Town of Dillon, SC

When you’re looking for fun things to do, many times you might not look at some of the small town areas as where you need to go to enjoy the fun and activity offered.  The Dillon, SC area sits on the border between South Carolina and North Carolina and that position along with its proximity to nearby mountain and nature areas makes it a terrific place to find some of the fun and activity you’ll want to enjoy when it’s time to have an adventure for the weekend.

Here are some of the great things to do in the Dillon, SC area:

Little Pee Dee State Park – If you like hiking trails and want to spend some time in nature you’re going to love this state park. Take a ride to its location in the Dillon, SC area and enjoy the quiet feeling offered and the serenity you can experience that makes it easy to enjoy the views and features that make this a state park you’re sure to enjoy.  Enjoy the foliage, the blooms, and the sounds of the wildlife that call this park their home.

South of the Border – When you want an experience that’s a bit different than most, this theme park is located right on the border of the two states in Dillon, SC where you can enjoy the fun of arcades, go-karts, miniature golf, and lots of food.  Check out the different shops and the games that are offered and have a great time with the theme that makes you feel like it’s time for a fiesta.  This great place is just north of Dillon, SC to give you a place you can go and have a great time this weekend.

South Carolina Welcome Center – While most of the time a welcome center is just used as a stop along the route to stretch legs, this is a place you can visit and enjoy the natural surroundings and the different items presented in the welcome center near Dillon, SC.  Take a ride to this spot and see what’s offered that you might not notice when you take road trips and only use this as a stop to get a bit of walking in during a long ride.  You might be surprised by what you find that you can admire and enjoy.

Myrtle Beach Shop – With the beaches a couple of hours away by car, this is a shop located in Dillon, SC to make sure you can have an excellent place to enjoy what’s offered for sale to give you the beach and coastal feeling you’ll love in the rural area of South Carolina.  You’ll be amazed by what you see in this shop and if you’re planning a road trip to Myrtle Beach this could be the place to stop and find what you want to take with you for the fun you’ll experience at the coast during your trip.

North Carolina Welcome Center – Cross the border and take a look at the place that welcomes you to North Carolina.  Only a short drive from Dillon, SC, this welcome center that’s located in Rowland gives you the opportunity to enjoy the look and feel of what you might experience in North Carolina when you’re ready to have a look at what’s offered.  This is a great place to stop and stretch your legs while also checking out the nature and the theme of the welcome center while on your way to something fun to do in North Carolina.

Page’s Mill Pond – This pond and land surrounding it offers you a look at a quieter and slower life that was part of the early part of the growth of the area.  This place is only a short drive from Dillon, SC to Lake View where you’re sure to enjoy the nature that’s offered and the older style of the buildings located around the pond.  Come out to see what you can do and enjoy when you take a ride from your Dillon, SC home and experience a quiet walk in a place that’s easy to love and admire with a peacefulness you’re sure to admire.

Wild West Shop/ Africa Shop – Here are two shops that offer you a theme from areas that are a far cry from what you normally find in Dillon, SC.  Admire the look and personality of some of the different items you can choose to purchase from the western part of the US or from the African continent.  Whether you’re looking for something special to offer as a gift, want to add accessories to your costume for a theme party, or you’re interested in some items that add to your theme at home, these are the shops where you can find what you’re looking for.

Now you Need a Great Ride

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As you drive off the lot at Reed-Lallier Chevrolet you’ll want to be able to celebrate the vehicle you’ve just purchased.  Where are you going to go and what will you experience as your celebration?  Head home toward Dillon, SC and check out some of the different areas on this list in order to have the fun and activity you’re looking for.  It’s time to celebrate and there’s certainly plenty to do and the fun you want to have in the Dillon, SC area where you can make a memory that includes the purchase of the vehicle you’re going to love for the next few years.