Keeping Recreation Cheap in Dillon, SC

While Dillon, SC may be a small town on the border of South Carolina and North Carolina, there are still many things to do in the area.  Yes, you can head to the larger cities that aren’t too far away, but if you want to have some affordable fun and stay in your local area, you’re going to want to take a look at this list.  You’re going to find a lot of fun and cheap things you can do and experience in the Dillon area when you’ve got a few hours to spare or just want a place to go on the weekend.

Little Pee Dee State Park – This is a secluded state park in the Sandhill region that’s perfect for fishing and camping and can be a wonderful location for you to spend the weekend or a few hours.  The 54 acre Lake Norton that’s part of this park allows you to have the waterfront you want to enjoy if you want to take kayaks out or a rowboat, both of which you can rent at the park.  There’s also a variety of nature trails to make this a great place to visit in the Dillon, SC area.

Columns Plantation – Sitting on a large plantation, you’re going to see a large Southern mansion that was built in the 19th century.  The home features large Greek Revival columns to give you a look and the enjoyment of the grand architecture of the time.  Tour the mansion or watch a Civil War reenactment that’s on display on a regular basis.  This is a home that you’re certain to admire and enjoy seeing without having to pay much to tour and walk the grounds of a place that still shows off the history of the Dillon, SC area.

Cinema One & Two – Take a short drive from Dillon, SC to Laurinburg, NC to check out the two-theater cinema multiplex that shows the first-run movies you want to see. You’ll be able to find some excellent discounts and know that taking the family to the movies is always a fun time that doesn’t have to cost a lot.  Choose the matinee times and you can save even more money while seeing the latest movies that your family and friends are talking about and enjoy watching as well.

Luther Britt Park – Located near Dillon, SC, this park offers you two lakes and several ponds to make it the perfect place for small boats, swimming, and fishing.  There are trails that extend into the 142 acres of park that make up this area to make sure you can have the enjoyment you want of hiking where you want to go.  Check out what this park has to offer and paddle around in a boat for a couple of hours or toss a line in to see if you can catch a big fish that can become the dinner you enjoy at night.

John Blue House & Heritage Center – Another place you can visit that’s only a short drive from Dillon, SC is this home and heritage center.  The John Blue House features Victorian architecture and has on display a variety of antiques from the 1800s for you to view and admire.  You’re also going to see several stained glass windows and Victorian furniture that make up what this house has to offer.  Take a tour and see what this location has on display when you want to teach your kids more about the history of the area you live in.

Exploration Station – This is a hands-on learning center for children that can be a huge hit with your kids and with your budget.  As a low-cost place to be entertained, you’re going to enjoy the drive from Dillon, SC to Lumberton, NC to let the kids have a great time touching and exploring the different displays that are featured.  let this be the place you go for a birthday party or for an afternoon of fun and learning.  You’ll find a pirate ship, a general store, a farmhouse, a hospital, a fire station, and several other displays that let your kids imagine and enjoy what’s offered.

The Right Vehicle Makes All the Difference

When you want to offer your family the fun of the recreational activities around Dillon, SC you’ll want to have the right vehicle to drive to all the locations with the stuff you want to take along.  Load up the kayaks on your truck and carry them along or take your sedan to the museums for the displays and fun.  The place you want to go to find the vehicle that will offer you the drive you need is at Reed-Lallier Chevrolet in Fayetteville, NC.

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Where are you going to go once you’ve found the right vehicle for you to drive?  Are you going to head to the movies with your family or are you going to the different historic homes in the area?  Is a weekend of camping and fishing what you’re looking to enjoy, or will you be going to the park for an afternoon of fun?  No matter what you choose to do, once you have the right vehicle to drive around Dillon, SC, you’re going to be able to find free and cheap entertainment that everyone is sure to enjoy.