Fayetteville, NC Offers a Variety of Free and Cheap Entertainment

The city of Fayetteville, NC is a town that’s supported by the large Army Post of Fort Bragg that’s located next to the city.  This means many of the residents are transient and move around often and need to live on military salaries.  Because of this, there are many free and cheap things you can find to do in the Fayetteville area when you’re looking for entertainment that doesn’t cost much or doesn’t cost anything at all.  Check out some of the activities you can participate in around the area.

Veterans Park – This is the oldest American park dedicated to military veterans and it offers displays and tributes to veterans from all branches of the Armed Forces.  This park, located in Fayetteville, NC, is free to all visitors and is a beautiful place to stop for a picnic lunch, walk around and see the displays, and is the perfect place to begin the education of your children regarding some of the military activities that have taken place.  Enjoy the scenery offered when you stop for a short hike at this park.

Cape Fear River Trail – In Fayetteville, NC, this trail is one of the most used trails in the area for walking, running, biking, and roller blading.  There are over 700 species of plants and trees along the trail and 150 species of birds that can be seen from the trail.  Take your furry friend for a walk down the trail or head over to it with your bike to enjoy the nature offered in the area.  This trail can be one that you choose to visit during your daily lunch hour or you can enjoy a great way to get your mind off the work you have to do.

Festival Park – This park features 14-acres of space that includes a pedestrian walkway that does the trail on the creek side, a main stage, and a grass lawn together.  The lawn can seat intimate groups and large crowds that can enjoy the look and feel of the park and have some fun while being entertained.  Take a ride over to this park in Fayetteville, NC and take in the activities that are offered and enjoy what this small but impressive park is.  Check out the local schedule and see if there’s a show being offered you’ll enjoy.

Lake Rim Park – If you love sporting events and activities, this park in Fayetteville, NC is the one to visit.  You’ll see soccer fields, tennis courts, and playgrounds that make it easy to get some exercise and have a lot of fun when you’re out for the day.  Sign the kids up for some sports fun or come over and take in the activities that are offered to be entertained.  This park is a fantastic way for you to experience the fun you want and enjoy the social aspects of parenting small athletes that love to play and grow together.

Monkey Joe’s – If it’s time for some extra fun where you can get out of the heat when you want, this is the place to go.  This is a high-energy indoor playground in the Fayetteville, NC area that’s perfect for your kids to release some of the energy.  Monkey Joe’s features ball pits, climbing structures, slides, and other items that can be a lot of fun for you and the kids.  Get in from the heat and let the kids play while you enjoy connecting with some of your friends that bring their kids to play with yours.

Riverside Dog Park – This is a great place for your furry friend which is near the Cap Fear River to give you a place in Fayetteville, NC where your dog can run and play the way you want.  There are fenced in areas with separate grass fields for small and large dogs along with shade trees, water stations, dog waste bags, and benches for you to sit on while your dog runs and plays.  Take a walk and let your dog enjoy the area along the river that can be a place you visit on a regular basis and bring your dog for some free time and fun.

1897 Poe House – Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most famous poets in American history and has lived in a variety of places including in Fayetteville, NC.  This large Victorian-style mansion is now a museum that offers guided tours.  You won’t just learn about the poet himself, but about women’s rights in the turn of the century, and other subjects.  Make this a place you visit on a regular basis and take in the tours that can give you and your kids a greater education regarding activities in the South.

Drive the Right Way

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