Everything You Want in Wadesboro, NC

Everything You Want in Wadesboro, NC

When you drive through the southern central area of North Carolina, you might drive right through the town of Wadesboro, NC and never think twice about what this little town has to offer.  It seems to be a quiet, peaceful, and sleepy town that would be a great place to live and enjoy the community, but this is a town that has been the site of some movies and has been where several notable people have come from.  It may be a small town with a small population, but Wadesboro has plenty to offer you.

Two movies you’re probably familiar with were filed in the Wadesboro, NC area and when you drive around you may see scenes that look familiar to you.  The Steven Spielberg film, The Color Purple, was set in a large white farmhouse which is known as the Huntley House on the James Bennett Plantation near Lilesville.  This house was used as the main exterior location of the film and many of the town scenes were done in nearby Marshville as well.  The other film that was shot in the Wadesboro area was Evil Dead II and the same, Huntley House, became the production office for the film which was shot in the wood near the farmhouse.

Whether you’re interested in politics or significant skills that are turned into a profession, many notable people have come from the Wadesboro, NC area.  Some of note include Hugh Hammond Bennett who was the founder of the Soil Conservation Service, Tom Brewer who was a professional baseball player, Thomas F. Davis who become the fifth Episcopal bishop of South Carolina, Blind Boy Fuller who was a musician, Cedrick Holt who was a football player, and many more that have made their way from Wadesboro to a variety of fame in the world.

Wadesboro has a History

While many small towns appear to have popped up over the years and have come to be from the expansion of larger cities, Wadesboro, NC was created in 1783 and has been a location of a variety of events and visitors over its history.  Originally, this town was called Newton, before 1783, and was renamed later.  The new name was in honor of Colonel Thomas Wade after his service with the Minutemen in the Revolutionary War and has been Wadesboro ever since.

In 1900, the town of Wadesboro, NC was considered the best location in North America to view an expected total solar eclipse which brought the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory to the area on several railroad cars to be able to see and study the eclipse, which doesn’t happen often.  This allowed the town to enjoy a boom in economic growth, even if only for a short period of time.  This little town has had many visitors and been a place where it seems several events have taken place that can be of interest to you when you take a ride around town.

There are a few locations in the Wadesboro, NC area that have made their way on the list of the National Register of Historic Places and these are certainly worthwhile places for you to visit so that you can enjoy the historic significance of these locations.  The places on this list in Wadesboro include the Boggan-Hammond House, the Alexander Little Wing, the United States Post Office, and the Wadesboro Downtown Historic District is all part of this list.  Take a ride around Wadesboro and make these locations as part of the historic tour you want to make when you visit Wadesboro.

What Are You Going to Drive

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Living Here Can Be Excellent for You

If you choose to set your roots in Wadesboro, NC you’re going to be able to enjoy the easy access to several of the larger cities, the mountains, the beaches, and the universities offered around North Carolina.  Take a ride to the west and check out the small and beautiful campus of Wingate University or head toward the north to see some classic names such as Duke and UNC Chapel Hill.  Wadesboro, NC is located in the perfect place for you to enjoy everything it has to offer and now that you’ve got the car you want to drive from Reed-Lallier Chevrolet, you’ll be ready to go.