Enjoy Your Time in Rockingham, NC

Enjoy Your Time in Rockingham, NC

If you’ve heard the name Rockingham, NC tossed around at the NASCAR circuit it’s because this little town in the south-central area of North Carolina was the home to one of the scheduled races on this circuit for nearly forty years.  The race at Rockingham Speedway was discontinued in 2004, but the town still thrives and the track is still the site of a variety of races and track days every year that many people come and take advantage of to have a great time ripping off some fast laps at the track.

With a small town feeling and a lot of area around Richmond County, Rockingham can be an excellent place for you to call home and set your roots.  This little town is a short drive to Charlotte, Fayetteville, and Raleigh and not far from the coastal towns of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach to make it an easy place to live and know you can visit several places in the area and enjoy the history, the scenery, and the activity offered.  Check out Rockingham if you’re looking for a place to live and you want a nice quiet town that gives you access to a great deal of activity.

Not only will you have access to cities in the area, but the geography of North Carolina offers you everything from the beaches to the mountains.  This means you could head northwest and enjoy the hiking trails of the Uwharries National Forest when you have a weekend that can be a lot of fun and take you from Rockingham, NC to enjoy some amazing scenery.  You’ll also be able to experience what Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach have to offer when you head down to Wilmington for the day.

A bit of History

The area of Rockingham was named for Charles Watson-Wentworth who was the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham and the British Prime Minister from 1765 to 1766 and then again in 1782.  He was most noted and made popular because of his desire to repeal the Stamp Act of 1765 which he won a common vote for to repeal the resolution.  The people of North Carolina that were here at the time were still fond of him for many years after this and named this town after his title, which then became the town of Rockingham, NC which we love and admire today.

There are several locations in Rockingham, NC that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which means you might want to consider a visit to this town to check out some of these historic sites.  These historic locations include the Bank of Pee Dee Building, Covington Plantation House, Alfred Dockery House, Hannah Pickett Mill No. 1, Manufacturing Building, Richmond County Courthouse, Roberdel Mill No. 1 Company Store, Rockingham Historic District, U.S. Post Office and Federal Building, and H. C. Watson House are all on this list and worthy of a visit, even if all you do is take a look at the plaques outside.

In 1950, The town of Rockingham fielded a professional minor league baseball team in the Class D Tobacco State League which was called the Rockingham Eagles.  As this was the only year for this team to be present in Rockingham, NC it seemed unlikely they would compete for a title, but the team won the playoff title during this single season in Rockingham, NC before the league was disbanded entirely.  You can easily check out some of the history of this area and enjoy what Rockingham has to offer whether you choose to live here or just visit.

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Making the Drive

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