Adventure Awaits You in Biscoe

Adventure Awaits You in Biscoe

Can a town that has a population of fewer than 2,000 people be an exciting and fun place for you to visit?  If you love the outdoors and want to explore mountains, trails, lakes, and rivers, it certainly can.  Biscoe, NC is located on the edge of the Uwharrie National Forest, which part of the mountain region of the area that offers you a lot of amazing natural locations to explore and enjoy when you want to have a lot of fun out on the trails and in the area.

You don’t have to own any outdoor ATV machines in order to have a lot of fun in this area, but it certainly helps.  Biscoe, NC is located in Montgomery County and is named after Henry Biscoe who was an important customer to the local lumber business in the area.  Today, this area is where many people travel to ride around on the trails, enjoy the quiet of the mountain views, walk along the streams, and experience the natural waterfalls and beauty of the mountain region.  You’re going to admire the serenity and beauty of the area when you make Biscoe, NC the place you want to live.

Getting into this mountain area doesn’t mean you’ll be away from the cities you might want to enjoy on a regular basis as well.  In fact, the Charlotte area is only a short drive away to the south, and Fayetteville isn’t far to the west either.  This means you can visit a larger town and have the liveliness and activity you want when you get out and look for the entertainment that’s offered in these areas.  Biscoe, NC is an excellent place to live and makes it easy for you to admire the place you’ve decided to call home.

Growth from the Railroad in Biscoe

The town of Biscoe, NC would likely not exist at all if it wasn’t for the support of the railroad system that made its way through the area.  Before Henry Biscoe became the prominent customer that he was, the town was called Filo and the current name of the area was adopted in 1895.  The lumber and timber industry of Biscoe was an extremely important part of the growth in the state of North Carolina and the railroad helped to bring materials from this mountain area to those locations that needed them.

Not only was Biscoe, NC a strong contributor to the growth through the materials provided, this town became an important place for the railroad industry to keep the cars and machines moving on the tracks.  This was one of the most important repair centers in the state for the railroad equipment to make sure the cars would continue to be able to ride on the tracks that were needed to be used.  The Aberdeen and West End Railroad, which was owned by the Page family of Aberdeen, NC, completed a branch to Star, NC from Filo in 1895 to make it easier to move the equipment and materials needed.

In 1901 Biscoe, NC was incorporated and has been the location that has used this name ever since.  Former US Congressman Larry Kissell is a resident of Biscoe and it seems he chose a gorgeous place to live out the rest of his years in peaceful serenity.  There’s a lot to admire and a bit of history in this small town of Biscoe, NC and no matter whether you choose to live in or just visit this town, you’re going to need a vehicle to be able to get around.

The Place You Can Find the Right Vehicle for You

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What will you find at Reed-Lallier Chevrolet in Fayetteville, NC?  If you make the ride from Biscoe, NC to see this team, you’re going to enjoy a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help you have the right vehicle to drive and the financing you’ve been looking for.  Come in and let this be the place where you know you’re going to be treated right and have tons of choices you can make for the driving experience you want to have on the roads in your area.  It’s only a short drive from Biscoe to this dealership to find what you’re looking for.

Where Can You Go?

Once you’ve chosen the right vehicle to drive from the friendly staff at Reed-Lallier Chevrolet, you can head home to Biscoe to plan your next adventure.  Maybe you’ll head west and take in the view of some of the mountains of the Smoky Mountain Range, or possibly you’ll drive to the east to see the beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the amazing historic lighthouses that dot the way along the barrier islands of the state that you love to live in.

No matter where you plan to go or how you want to drive, once you’ve chosen the right vehicle for your daily drive to and from Biscoe, NC, you’ll easily have access to everything you want to experience around the state that you live in.  If you want to see an NFL game, the Carolina Panthers are only a short drive away.  The same is truck for the Charlotte Hornets, Carolina Hurricanes, and several excellent college sports teams that you can enjoy watching in person.  Choose where you want to go from Biscoe, NC in the vehicle you recently purchased at Reed-Lallier Chevrolet in Fayetteville, NC.