Here Are 5 Common Auto Body Repairs – Visit Reed-Lallier Body Shop in Fayetteville, NC

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City streets are hotspots for vehicular mishaps due to the sheer number of people and vehicles. Many of these incidents lead to damage to the vehicle’s bodywork, which often incurs expensive and time-intensive repairs. Do you need body repair in Fayetteville, NC? Look no further than Reed-Lallier Body Shop.


Below are the five common auto body repairs we encountered at our body shop in Fayetteville.


Minor Bumps and Dents

Minor bumps and dents are among the most common vehicle damage we encounter at our body shop in Fayetteville. Many factors can cause these issues. These include hailstorms, loose shopping carts, or trivial accidents. Although seemingly insignificant, these bumps and indentations can gradually impair your car’s structural integrity. This is why you should immediately look for body repair in Fayetteville, NC, for prompt repairs of bumps and dents.


There are also some things you can do to avoid going to a body shop in Fayetteville. Parking your vehicle at a safe distance from others in parking lots can help reduce the likelihood of accidental bumps and dents. While in crowded areas, ensure ample space between your vehicle and others to mitigate potential accidents causing such damage.


Scratches and Damaged Paintwork

Another issue we often see at our body shop in Fayetteville is scratched paintwork. Damage can occur due to airborne debris, inconsiderate drivers, or minor collisions. While these damages might appear purely aesthetic, they could lead to rusting if not promptly addressed. You can avoid such an expensive problem by looking for a body repair in Fayetteville, NC, as soon as you notice the problem.


Maintain a safe distance from other cars on the road to reduce the risk of scratches and paint damage. Avoid driving too close to the vehicle in front to lessen the chance of flying debris hitting your vehicle. If you observe any scratches or damaged paintwork, visit our body shop in Fayetteville immediately to avoid further damage and potential rusting.


Minor Collisions

Minor collisions, or “fender benders,” frequently require body repair in Fayetteville, NC. Causes range from rear-end collisions to side-swiping or parking lot mishaps. Although they may seem minor, the repair costs can escalate if the damage is extensive.


Stay focused on the road and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles to avoid minor collisions. Avoid potential distractions while driving, like texting or eating. Moreover, ensure your vehicle’s brakes and tires are in good condition to reduce collision risks.


Windshield Cracks

Windshield damage is common during winter due to a higher likelihood of road debris. Causes include rocks, other road debris, or drastic temperature shifts. Ignoring windshield cracks can compromise your visibility while driving.


To avoid windshield damage, refrain from driving behind large trucks on highways, as they tend to stir up rocks and debris. Maintain your windshield cleanliness to minimize the risk of scratches and damage. If any cracks or chips appear, immediately look for a body repair in Fayetteville, NC.



Rust is a frequent problem for vehicles, especially if you live in coastal regions. Rust can undermine your vehicle’s structural integrity over time, besides being aesthetically displeasing. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent it.


Regularly washing your car, especially during winter months with a heightened risk of exposure to road salt and chemicals, can help prevent rust. Use a top-tier car wash solution and rinse thoroughly to eliminate all salt and debris. Applying a rust inhibitor provides extra protection against rust.


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