The Small Town of Carthage, NC is a Wonderful Place to Be

The small town of Carthage, NC is home to a population of fewer than 2,500 people, even though it is the county seat of Moore County.  This little town is located in a quiet area of North Carolina that youll enjoy just outside of the foothills of the Smokey Mountains and it can be the right place for you to live when you want a quiet place to raise a family and town where youll get to know everyone that lives in your area. ...continue reading

Find the Beauty of Roseboro, NC

Where do you want to put down roots and raise your family?  If youre looking to find a quiet place that allows you to have a peaceful life when youre not at work, the small town of Roseboro, NC could be the right place for you.  This little town is only a short drive from Fayetteville, NC and is a place where a few of the soldiers from Fort Bragg call home and it can be the town that you feel comfortable calling home so that you can enjoy a quiet life.

Roseboro, NC is...continue reading

Biscoe, NC is the Doorway to Adventure

Can a town that has a population of fewer than 2,000 people be an exciting and fun place for you to visit?  If you love the outdoors and want to explore mountains, trails, lakes, and rivers, it certainly can.  Biscoe, NC is located on the edge of the Uwharrie National Forest, which part of the mountain region of the area that offers you a lot of amazing natural locations to explore and enjoy when you want to have a lot of fun out on the trails and in...continue reading

Everything You Want in Wadesboro, NC

When you drive through the southern central area of North Carolina, you might drive right through the town of Wadesboro, NC and never think twice about what this little town has to offer.  It seems to be a quiet, peaceful, and sleepy town that would be a great place to live and enjoy the community, but this is a town that has been the site of some movies and has been where several notable people have come from.  It may be a small town with a small population,...continue reading

Enjoy Your Time in Rockingham, NC

If youve heard the name Rockingham, NC tossed around at the NASCAR circuit its because this little town in the south-central area of North Carolina was the home to one of the scheduled races on this circuit for nearly forty years.  The race at Rockingham Speedway was discontinued in 2004, but the town still thrives and the track is still the site of a variety of races and track days every year that many people come and take advantage of to have a great time ripping off...continue reading

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